Smoke and Heat Control Systems in the event of fire
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Smoke and Heat Control Systems in the event of fire

Smoke and Heat Control Systems in the event of fire
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Natural smoke and heat evacuation systems in the event of fire in closed environments is regulated by several international standards: UNI 9494:2007, EN 12101-2:2003 and European Directive 89/106/CEE, now incorporated into Italian law. The Directive introduced the concept of products “fit for their intended use”, namely life safety in the event of fire. Caoduro’s Natural Smoke and Heat Evacuators were already on the market and compliant before the publication of the UNI standard thanks to the Company’s long standing R&D focus on fire and smoke management systems that meet not only laboratory standards but also are effective and reliable in real life situations of fire. The company has now released its Forced Smoke and Heat Evacuation Systems especially designed for parking silos and buildings of several storeys. Automatically operated air inlet devices together with smoke and fire barriers provide higher performance thanks to an integrated smoke and heat control system entailing compartmentalisation of smoke and gases. One particular product in this new range is Smoke Out, a natural smoke and heat evacuation rooflight hatch, available in a wide range of sizes and suitable for all types of roof. Operated by a compressed gas mechanism, the hatch will open even in harsh climate conditions of snow or strong winds. The two locking points mean that the hatch will not open accidentally. Smoke Out can also be fitted with a remote-control electric opening device to allow the system to serve as a natural ventilation outlet.


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