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SMART WORKING Technology that works for companies

SMART WORKING Technology that works for companies
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Samsung has participated in the project

Attaining company goals by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of work and the spaces in which it is carried out, to enable people and places to be flexible, autonomous and collaborative. This is the aim behind Smart Working, a system that is fast gaining wide recognition among leading companies encouraging them to thoroughly overhaul their organization and structures. It is an example of how technology can play a major role in developing new physical and virtual working spaces.

Samsung’s solutions start by identifying the main physical and virtual areas of technology application, and defining the functions and activities where technology can provide significant support to work and productivity.

Of particular interest for design and planning activities are solutions to enhance communication and collaboration within working groups and with the client, along with print solutions and systems for individual workstations.

Starting from the reception area and lounge, Smart Signage solutions transmit service and promotional information on a variety of screens – video walls, art walls, totem touchscreens or large format monitors - with remote control of content through Samsung Magic Info software. Smart Signage displays are also useful in offices to communicate operational information in a well-organized coordinated way.

In meeting areas, the interactive eBoard has touchscreen functions, hand or pen writing options and Magic IWB software that allows participants to download the same whiteboard screen views on their PC, tablet or smart phone. Smart Conference solutions also combine with Samsung solutions to provide videoconferencing functions during meetings.

Smart Meeting solutions allow real-time viewing on smart phones or wearable devices of ongoing meetings. There is also a notification function to communicate future schedules, invitations and reminders to all parties.

Individual workstations have curved monitors, known to provide greater visual comfort and tire the eyes less than traditional flat screens. A3 and A4 format printing solutions can be connected to a network and made to interact with mobile devices thanks to mobile applications and cloud printing.

Desks can be equipped with areas for wireless smartphone recharging, eliminating cumbersome cables and optimizing power takeoff points. The same function is made possible by wireless PC monitor charging.

Completing the range of solutions, Samsung has developed a data and device protection system. When integrated into Samsung mobile devices, the multi-level KNOX platform allows completely safe management and control of sensitive data on mobile devices, together with the possibility of personalizing the scenarios used.



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