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Smart Radio - Elegante radio integrata con touch screen


Edited By Redazione The Plan - 25 February 2015

Combining pleasing aesthetics and functionality, Smart Radio by Jung has multiple uses, from an alarm clock in the bedroom to a background music player anywhere in the house. It integrates seamlessly and elegantly into most settings, with black and white colour options, a touchscreen display and glass cover. The user-friendly shortcuts provide rapid access to the alarm, sleep timer and favourites functions. The brightness of the display and the buttons can be adjusted separately to ensure optimal settings for radio or night mode. The crowning touches are the satellite link, RDS reception and auxiliary inputs.
Smart Radio comes in three versions: the A range has plastic or glass frames, designed to highlight the touchscreen; the CD range has gently rounded shapes and speakers that can be installed separately; the LS range is discrete and versatile, with vertical or horizontal mounting in single or multiple frames. All versions provide excellent sound quality because of the integrated bass reflex tubes.

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