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By Editorial Staff -
Estel Group has participated in the project

Work space has evolved rapidly as new technology has gained ground and triggered major changes in how we work. The advent of smart working has brought with it the need to revamp how offices are conceived, arranged, designed and furnished. 

Opting for a flexible, dynamic vision produces spaces with traditional work stations and communal areas that can be used varyingly, in relation to work schedules, technological requirements, privacy or meeting needs.  

Estel has tackled this challenge with its personal interpretation, Smart Office, working with architects and designers who truly understand the demands of such modern work environments. 

The design of Smart Office is born from a careful analysis of user needs and expectations to determine optimal space distribution, favoring  interaction and cooperation while guaranteeing freedom of choice in how tasks are performed. 

Estel has created solutions for five scenarios: individual work stations, common areas, relaxation areas, the “coffice” and “partition booth acoustic” areas.

There is no hierarchy of space, but an articulation of the office that offers multiple options, potentially even uses that might not be strictly linked to work. The Estel Smart Office concept seeks to create settings that can positively influence the cognitive, emotional and physical well-being of people, providing places that can meet the needs of the users. 

The furniture is designed using cutting-edge concepts of ergonomics. For example, the innovative Evo desk enables people to work sitting or standing, which has knock-on effects for mental and physical well-being. In practical terms, it has a motor-powered system, controlled by a simple button, that lifts and lowers the table top, moving from a height of 68 cm to 118 cm. 

The flexibility in the use of space is reflected in the flexibility of the furniture, which has been designed to cater for diversity. In the “coffice” area, the More Kitchen system offers a space where lunch can be prepared plus a couple of areas where people can eat or chat, enjoying a little time away from their desks. 

Integrating technology into the design of the furniture collections ensures the tables and chairs for all the areas can be used with just about any device. This opens up options like, say, holding a meeting in the more laid-back space of the relaxation area, but still having all the required technology available. 

Functional and technological research has gone hand in hand with design quality. Estel Smart Office solutions help produce settings in which materials, shapes and colors clearly define spaces, making them more suited to personal well-being. 

Estel will be at Milan’s International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition (Salone del Mobile - Eurocucina) with an array of “coffice” options, from self-service to cooking facilities. 


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