Slimtech Studies in Gouache by Lea Ceramiche
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Slimtech Studies in Gouache by Lea Ceramiche

Slimtech Studies in Gouache by Lea Ceramiche
By Editorial Staff -
that are renewed with the innovative extra-thin Slimtech technology.
Studies has created a new language of ceramic decoration, overcoming the concept of a flat tile and distancing itself from the usual concept of texture. Thanks to the modularity of its design, the sanding technique used on large-size surfaces creates an infinite extension of patterns.
With Studies in Gouache this research is perfected, offering a three-dimensional effect to the decoration and penetrating into the material. A mesh of abstract geometries and modular patterns are repeated, meeting the Nordic colour shades of the slabs, just 3mm thick and 50x100cm in size, Slimtech Gouache.10, again designed by Grandi. The thin lozenges of the decoration grid, the hypnotic scribble of scratch, the meshed weave of knit or the elegant damier effect of moire b, all combine with the lightness of porcelain laminate.
Graphic signs, repeated uninterruptedly, enhanced by neutral and contrasting colours, create surfaces which make threedimensional ceramic tiling a contemporary bas-relief.
Once again the study of ceramics has led Diego Grandi to experiment new applications in which decoration is not an end unto itself, limited to a pattern or a gesture, but represents a true project.
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