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Skylights and transparent coverings

Skylights and transparent coverings
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Caoduro has participated in the project

Set up in 1951 as a craft business producing Plexiglas items, Caoduro is today one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of transparent roofs and tunnels, ventilation systems, and smoke and heat evacuators. Caoduro caters for the full application range: from the single residence through to large industrial plant and shopping centres.
Production includes single-block domes and strip skylights in PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) and PC (polycarbonate) for roofs providing natural lighting to the interiors, as well as special items such as giant domes, especially designed for temporary exhibition spaces. These are made from sheets of top-quality thermoplastic polymers such as methacrylate and polycarbonate that can be bent to specification under heat. As well as high shock-resistance, the material does not require a sustaining metal frame. As well as making the structure completely transparent, it eliminates the risk of thermal bridge formation. Thermoforming is also used to manufacture self-sustaining tunnels while hoop-supported tunnels are cold-formed. Ventilation and smoke evacuation systems account for a large part of Caoduro’s production range. Evacuators ensure that in the event of fire, harmful gasses, smoke and heat from combustion are effectively drawn off, facilitating rescue work and complying with rule EN 12101-2-2003 with a CE marking. Caoduro’s latest offering is Ecogy, a photovoltaic skylight that ensures deaeration, cooling and forced ventilation, with the attendant energy saving.


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