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Sky - Transparent relaxation

Sky - Transparent relaxation
By Editorial Staff -
Effegibi has participated in the project

Sky, designed by Talocci Design for Effegibi, is a new range of saunas with an extremely simple, linear design. They are not intended solely for the bathroom but as a furnishing complement to enhance any room of the house.
The internal and external structures, as well as the interior fittings, are made of Canadian hemlock, a light timber with a warm grain. The front wall and ceiling are, however, glass, the transparency creating a luminous effect and continuity between the inside of the sauna and the room itself. Besides the basic Sky Glass model, marked by its essential linear design, transparency and lightness, there are two other models, Sky Techno and Sky Deco, in which the door and corresponding central part of the ceiling are timber. The design of the horizontal boards on the Sky Techno plays with geometries and rhythms to create an intriguing interplay of light both inside and outside the cabin. The panel of the Sky Deco is carved with a stylized design with an almost random look that recreates the natural feel of a floral decoration.
Sky is available in four standard sizes, but like all Effegibi saunas, bespoke models are available for any size of room.


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