Sit anywhere on the multifunctional stool UPis1
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Sit anywhere on the multifunctional stool UPis1

Sit anywhere on the multifunctional stool UPis1
By Redazione The Plan -
Interstuhl has participated in the project

He who remains flexible has the world at his feet by changing perspectives, seizing opportunities and delivering performance. Borders have long been removed from the work environment, the office has become a living environment, the home also needs to act as an office, meetings are increasingly informal and relaxed and take place at the desk. The multifunctional stool UPis1 creates spontaneous seating opportunities where otherwise there would be none. Its rounded base enables movement in all directions, thereby keeping the user’s body, thoughts and ideas flexible.

Keep moving – this is the message of UPis1. This appeal is about more than healthy seating: its particularly functional configuration makes UPis1 a comfortable as well as trendy companion through the daily routine. The eye-catching red belt strap not only provides height adjustment, it is above all a distinguishing design-mark. The infinitely adjustable height adjustment, light construction as well as its practical grasping edge running around the entire circumference promise the highest level of user friendliness. Moreover, UPis1 offers an excellent price-performance ratio. Available in five colour variations, the innovative design of this universal seating companion fits into any room. 

In an uncomplicated and attractive way, UPIS1 combines two approaches: movement and mobility at the work station. It provides a flexible solution for temporary collaboration on the one hand whilst dissolving the conflict between seating and movement.

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