Sistema Tensyon by Nuova Oxidal
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Sistema Tensyon by Nuova Oxidal

Sistema Tensyon by Nuova Oxidal
By Editorial Staff -
NThe system, designed by the architect Cesare Monti, once again proves technological innovation, high quality and design as the pillars of Nuova Oxidal production.
The support can be used both vertically, for facades, and horizontally, for coverings, shelters and rooftops. It is extremely versatile and ideal for any kind of glass: single or multi-layered, doubleglazed panes and glass integrating photovoltaic panes.
The support is made of stainless steel 316 and can bear loads of over 200 kg at any given point.
The Tensyon system is truly contemporary and innovative in design, standing out among any other accessory on the market for functionality and cost reduction, by doing away with the need for holes. Its high technological performance also allows to match it with bearing structures held by tension rods: the latter go between glass and support, thereby greatly reducing the space taken up by the structure (to approx 5/10 cm).
The system is complemented by several fixing terminals as well as rods and accessories for the setting up of tensile structures.
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