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Sistema B3 - Living the kitchen

Sistema B3 - Living the kitchen
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Established in 1949, bulthaup began by manufacturing kitchen cupboards. Its products have always had a clear identity, built on the detailed, careful study of kitchen design and a desire to make unique products using top quality materials, design, innovation and customisation. Over time, the company has evolved to place greater emphasis of functionality and essential design, redefining the idea of the kitchen as the key household space, a place to live and be together. bulthaup’s research produced three systems that the company is constantly developing to ensure customers always have new solutions to choose from that meet their needs. bulthaup b1 is all about sober design combined with great attention to detail. It is for an essential, minimalist kitchen that plays with a limited number of elements and materials. bulthaup b2 - born of the fruitful collaboration with the Vienna-based EOOS group - is a laboratory-kitchen with a work top, a storage unit and one for household appliances. bulthaup b3 pushes the evolution of the kitchen space to its limits, drawing inspiration from the freedom offered by the multi-function wall that liberates kitchen design from the floor plan. The suspended elements give the b3 system lightness, while bulthaup offers customers enormous room to personalise these kitchens, leveraging the company’s technology and know-how. Each b3 kitchen has a unique design, starting from choosing from a wide range of European and American wood types (walnut, oak tree, larch, apple, cherry, maple or bamboo). Clients can even choose the direction of the wood grain and then their requests are assessed by the expert cabinetmakers charged with finding the material and optimising its use to ensure customers’ demands are met. Artisan care for detail goes hand-in-hand with the use high precision equipment that makes it possible to cut very thin “leafs” of wood to line the various kitchen components. After assembly, each piece is finished by hand and given a special anti-UV treatment. When the chosen wood is oak, bulthaup can use saw-cut technology to emphasise the grain of the wood, drawing out a natural, simple look. The surface is than lacquered with natural bulthaup primer to protect it with an almost invisible coating. Saw cutting oak creates elements that are appealing to look at and touch in a combination of warmth and visual beauty.

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