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SimplySmart - Innovative aluminium windows and façades


SimplySmart - Innovative aluminium windows and façades
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Schüco’s latest offering is SimplySmart, a system designed to simplify building with aluminium windows and façades. SimplySmart has a range of solutions with pleasing aesthetics, functionality and good performance that provide true design freedom, flexibility of use and ease of installation. The minimalist AWS SimplySmart window has concealed hinges, with only the handle visible, and can open 180°. It can be customised to meet design needs, making it an excellent option for both revamping work and new builds. These days, designers are seeking ever larger and more flexible glazing and this is where SimplySmart fits in, as the windows can weigh up to 250 kg each and can be used with new construction methods. These long-lasting windows are characterised by materials that stand up well to time, while offering excellent performance, ease of use and real indoor visual and environmental comfort. SimplySmart windows use all Schüco’s aluminium frames and work well with integrated ventilation and automation solutions. Finally, SimplySmart can be used in stages, meaning upgrades can be progressive. A good example is the burglar-proof windows, which can be installed without having to undertake a long and costly process of taking down and putting back the windows.

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