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Silverscreen 2% Low-E - Comfort and Energy Savings


Silverscreen 2% Low-E - Comfort and Energy Savings
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Since glass is so widely used in architecture, it is essential that sunscreens are included right from the initial design not only to optimise visual and thermal comfort, but also to achieve the desired energy performance.
Omnitex’s Silverscreen 2% Low-E is a heat-reflecting fabric used for indoor curtains and screening that has an incredibly thin layer of aluminium. It is a material that is not only quite transparent, but also blocks harmful rays from the sun and doubles as a true low-emission cladding.
In summer, Silverscreen 2% Low-E works to keep the indoor temperature down, while in winter it helps to avoid the dispersion of internal heat. The knock-on effect of this is a reduction in the energy needed for heating and cooling, which translates into better energy performance and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
Silverscreen 2% Low-E is manufactured in accordance with ISO 14001, the international environmental standard. In addition to Oeko-Tex and Greenguard certification, using this fabric earns points that count for LEED, Green Star and Breeam certification.
It comes in black, white, and eight hues of grey and brown, making it aesthetically suited to most settings.

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