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Five Colors for a Unity of Character and Elegance

Silestone® Loft
By Redazione The Plan -
Cosentino has participated in the project

Over the second half of the last century, numerous sprawling cities experienced a wave of disused factories, workshops and warehouses being refurbished into 
open-space living areas called “lofts”. 
This trend dragged materials like concrete along with it, taking such rather raw elements and turning them into essential parts of this new “industrial style” - a style that remains greatly in demand to this day. 
Cosentino is a leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, and in this amalgamation of past and present, it found inspiration for its new Silestone® Loft line. 
This collection has five colors named after five iconic neighborhoods - Camden, Poblenou, Seaport, Nolita and Corktown - tied together by the common thread of a distinctive history and industrial aesthetics that are reflected in the types of buildings and urban furnishings. 
Camden is one of London’s most influential havens of counter-culture, a zone filled architecturally with the cold hues created by the natural wear of such living spaces. In this collection, Camden is a cement grey - a soft, delicate and consistent grey - with a fine grain and a very subtle white veining. 
Poblenou is a much warmer shade of grey with very subtle veining on its surface and a sandy background that adds brightness. 
It faithfully recalls the epicenter of Barcelona’s second industrial revolution that turned Poblenou into a modern, creative heartland of the city, with the old industrial buildings given a makeover to become wondrous loft apartments, art galleries, bars and offices. 
Seaport recalls the small seaside neighborhood of the same name in 
south-east Manhattan, a place where the past nestles easily among docks, restaurants and shops. Exposed bricks, worn concrete and that typical wood of docklands are central to this color palette that never strays too far from dark, aged cement, except for the striking white touches in the background.
Nolita also finds inspiration in the Big Apple. In the mid-90s, this neighborhood developed into a truly architecturally unique district with its own, defined feel. This historical heritage was the inspiration for the white color influence in this collection. Nolita is cold, with shades of whites and light greys that produce an elegant, delicate line without any strong contrasts. 
Finally, the Corktown palette draws on the light and shade of the famed Detroit district that was once awash with steam, pistons and the sound of engines. This is the reason for the most intense, solid and deep black in the collection. The dark background blends easily with the intense brown touches and an extra matte finish to convey that characteristic time-worn feel. 

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