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?Siemens Sustainability Centre
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

A glass building in the shape of a crystal designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, the Siemens Sustainability Centre stands in London’s Royal Docks neighbourhood. A museum, convention and technology innovation centre dedicated to urban sustainability, the building is itself an example of sustainability in its careful use of resources. Pointedly, it has achieved top LEED (platinum) and BREEAM (outstanding) certifications.
Solar energy and ground source heat pumps ensure very low CO2 emissions - approximately 23 kg/sq m per year. Rainwater collection, wastewater treatment and automated heating systems are other key sustainability features.
Sustainability was also a major concern when choosing the construction materials, which included Mapei products to lay and grout all ceramic features.
The binder Topcem was used for screeds while floor tiling in various areas of the complex were laid with the quick-setting cementitious adhesive Keraquick. Wall decorative tiles were installed using Ultracolor Plus, a water-repellent, anti-efflorescence, mould-resistant grout.
Every Mapei product used at the Siemens Sustainability Centre contributed as much as 4 points each to the LEED certification calculation.

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