Sfide D’Arte - Ricordi Decorative internal finishings
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Sfide D’Arte - Ricordi Decorative internal finishings

Sfide D’Arte - Ricordi Decorative internal finishings
By Editorial Staff -
Fassa Bortolo has participated in the project

Fassa Bortolo is always seeking out new solutions and, leveraging its vast experience in colored coatings, the company has now come up with an entire new line of decorative products with the evocative name of Sfide D’Arte (Art Challenges). The collection combines material and light effects and, thanks to the variety of colors, it offers another outlet for designer creativity, allowing any room to be given an original look. The company presented the first collection as part of the new line, Ricordi, but this is merely the start of exploring a still untamed field of applications. Ricordi comes in three themes: Materia (material), Marmo (marble) and Stucco (stucco). As the name suggests, the first one offers five material effects depending on how it is applied, with a range of 25 hues. The product comes in five varieties, that range from relatively neutral options like Effetto Compatto (a simple, natural finish) to highly original solutions, including Materia, which has the vein pattern of stone and chiaroscuro effects, Cemento, which draws from the texture of exposed concrete, Travertino, which recalls the classic patterns of stone walls, and Graffio, which has horizontal or vertical scratches (hence the name) to create a completely unexpected look. Ricordi Marmo has smooth, satin surfaces inspired by natural stone, but reinterpreted, especially the nuances, to give a contemporary touch to a traditional finish. Four color options are available in various nuances that cover all the neutral tones, like cream and beige, and more definitive ones, like green and brown, ensuring any design wish can be catered for. Ricordi Stucco turns to an old technique once used in the creation of wonderfully elegant buildings, with smooth, nuanced surfaces that shift delicately in the changing light, bringing a sense of charm to even the most contemporary of settings. The choice of colors was carefully decided on by the company and once again it allows significant design freedom to create truly original rooms. The special aesthetic effects, the vast color range and the excellent transpirability of the Sfide D’Arte mineral finish collection (made from lime, fine marble dust and pigments) for interiors makes these products ideal for redecorating offices with a certain historical and artistic prestige or for coating new builds.




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