Serramenti Albertini, qualità a ogni Latitudine
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Serramenti Albertini, qualità a ogni Latitudine

Serramenti Albertini, qualità a ogni Latitudine
By Editorial Staff -
Albertini has participated in the project

Albertini’s production and business system is geared to meet even the most original customised or made-to-measure requirements. This is just one of the factors that have allowed Albertini to reach an international market with some 25% of its turnover now coming from outside Italy. Albertini window- and doorframes can be found in all latitudes. It is in climates with huge temperature excursions and harshest weather conditions that the thermal and acoustical excellence of Albertini frames prove their performance capabilities.
The photo shows the windows designed and manufactured for a private residence in Kazakhstan. The decappé hemlock wood frames are clad in Sablé Bronzo 800 aluminium. This mixed system of wood and a resistant, lightweight external metal cladding has a series of advantages including no maintenance, excellence resistance to harmful external agents and a wide colour palette from which to choose.
The aluminium sections are welded at the corners for greater robustness and long lasting wear, so avoiding the risk of fissuring, with consequent oxidation or peeling of the paint.
The result is a frame whose great aesthetic appeal reminiscent of traditional products, combines with the quality and performance excellence of state-of-the-art production systems.


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