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Edited By Redazione The Plan - 29 April 2016

Samsung’s Serif TV is a product with an artisanal spirit in every aspect, an encounter of passions between Samsung and internationally famed designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, which has led to the creation of an absolute novelty in the television market that does not aim only at technology and technical characteristics but also reflects the lifestyles and emotions of consumers.

Samsung chose the Bouroullec brothers for their unique ability to emphasize aesthetics, without neglecting functionality, through the creation of a furniture element in all respects that adapts perfectly to any type of environment, giving an original design touch for one-of-a-kind personalization of spaces.

Design is in fact the mainstay of a television set that belongs to the world of home furnishing but at the same time is equipped with the best Samsung technology, enabling an elegant viewing experience that is also versatile and exciting thanks to an original continuous, monochromatic frame that redesigns the outline of the screen.

Serif TV was born from a study of the object and its interaction with the surrounding space, the result of the analysis of many ideas that led to the definition of a television characterized by a frame that contours the screen. The profile takes the outline of an uppercase serif “I”, with the upper part of the slim body that widens to form a surface similar to a shelf while the lower part acts as support base. The use of additional legs allows stand-alone use of the set, which can be moved and positioned on the floor, even in the centre of the room, perfectly adapting itself to the various situations.