Serie T - Warmth and versatility
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Serie T - Warmth and versatility

Serie T - Warmth and versatility
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Serie T is a new radiator designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. The prototype was presented at I Saloni 2010. Once again the designers have gone for versatility and simplicity of line, aiming for a clean essential-looking object that will discreetly blend into any environment.
This is more than a radiator: it can form part of a series of multi-function compositions tailored to the shape and size of the room it is intended for.
Water-heated Serie T is compromised of one basic aluminium T profile suitable for any room in the house. Individually or in pairs, it can be wall-mounted horizontally or vertically; it can form a shelf or tray support or be used as a towel rail. Vertically installed, it makes a container inside which one can hang a bathrobe to dry.
Connection to the mains is via a recessed valve system which leaves the deign unaffected. There are plans to develop an electric version for self-sufficient homes exploiting photovoltaic panels.


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