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SensoWash by Duravit
By Editorial Staff -

To meet growing demands, in recent years, the toilet has been continuously honed in terms of flushing technology, design, sustainability, comfort and hygiene. Today, only 4.5 instead of 9 liters of water are required for flushing. Special new ceramic finishes are also environmentally friendly. They are easy to clean and this helps to reduce the use of both water and cleaning agents. Antibacterial glazes, which effectively kill bacteria, meet consumers' demands for greater hygiene. The addition of a shower-toilet seat offers even greater comfort: the warm water cleanses gently and thus meets the need for hygiene and cleanliness.

With its Rimless® technology, thanks to the successful interaction of geometry, optimized flow and design, Duravit has created an example of pure efficiency.  The open design of the toilet rim enables an innovative and efficient flush. A dynamic and powerful flow of water describes a horizontal arc, before the water runs down, flushing the entire inner surface of the bowl. Of course, the applicable standards with regard to possible splashing are also observed and, in part, even exceeded.

Hygienic flushing results are achieved even with small water volumes of just 4.5 liters. Thanks to the open, easily accessible rim area, the bowl is also particularly easy to keep clean, and this reduces cleaning times considerably. The tried-and-tested WonderGliss coating makes the toilet even easier to keep clean. The optional coating that is baked into the ceramics, doesn't give dirt and limescale a chance: deposits cannot adhere and are therefore flushed away more easily with the water.

The alternative use of HygieneGlaze 2.0 further improves the hygienic properties of the toilet. The new development is not a surface coating but an antibacterial ceramic glaze that provides almost indefinite effectiveness. The optimized combination of four different metal ions and other components forms the basis for the effectiveness of HygieneGlaze 2.0, which kills bacteria and germs. HygieneGlaze is integrated into the ceramic glaze during firing. Fired into the inside of the toilet as far as the rim, it kills the unwanted bacteria that are often concealed in toilets and urinals: after six hours, it eliminates up to 90 percent and, after 24 hours, 99.999 percent – an unprecedented level. HygieneGlaze 2.0 is available for all toilets and urinals in the P3 Comforts, ME by Starck and Vero Air ranges.

The symbiosis of toilet and bidet is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Because nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleansing with water. Duravit has looked into this in depth. The result: shower-toilets, which are perfectly matched to the respective design series. The technology has been ingeniously concealed to create a perfect look. Thanks to their balanced proportions, the extremely flat SensoWash® shower-toilet seats are difficult to distinguish from a classical toilet. They thus meet the customer's needs for elegant aesthetics but also offer every comfort of modern toilet hygiene and thereby greater quality of life.

All of the SensoWash® functions are operated by remote control. After using the toilet, simply select the desired function – Rearwash, Comfortwash or Ladywash – and enjoy the pleasant and gentle cleansing with warm water. Water temperature, water volume and nozzle position are individually adjustable. There is also a convenient night-light function, with an LED that illuminates the inner basin providing orientation in the dark. The motor-operated toilet lid and toilet seat open and close by remote control. Thanks to the soft closing mechanism, they can also be closed gently by hand. The shower-toilet unit, which is made of an especially rugged material, is very hygienic thanks to its scratch-resistant, pore-free surface. For the first time the seat and shower-toilet technology are completely separate: The entire SensoWash® shower-toilet module can be removed and replaced with a single movement. This makes it quick and easy to clean. In addition, the sturdy attachment to the ceramic prevents the seat from shifting.

A streamlined and more economical shower-toilet variant, the SensoWash® Slim model makes hygienic comfort available to a broader public. It is available in different design versions and is thus compatible with the eight Duravit series Vero Air, P3 Comforts, ME by Starck, DuraStyle, Happy D.2, Darling New, Starck 2 and Starck 3.

Those wanting even greater comfort should select the top-of-the-range SensoWash® e by Starck model. This intelligent variant also offers a pulsating jet and can store two different user profiles to meet individual preferences. A safety device to protect the drinking water supply is also integrated. This toilet seat has additional functions that help save resources: a flow heater warms the water as and when required, and only in the necessary quantity. In energy-saving mode, the integrated seat heating can be deactivated for eight hours during the night. SensoWash® e by Starck is available to match the five series DuraStyle, Happy D.2, Darling New, Starck 2 and Starck 3.

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