Sensory Domotic Home - Venice Architecture Biennale, 2012
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Sensory Domotic Home - Venice Architecture Biennale, 2012

Sensory Domotic Home - Venice Architecture Biennale, 2012
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

Lucilla Del Santo of the Nealinea & Partners architectural practice designed the Sensory Domotic Home, in collaboration with Venice’s Academy of Fine Arts, and presented it at the latest Venice Architecture Biennale. The house is built with six spaces, creating a new model that keeps both building and running costs down, while offering automated solutions for comfort, usability and energy savings. It was constructed with building materials from companies using certified, ecological raw materials. Material lifecycle was key in selecting the furnishings and the house itself was used as an exhibition space for artworks made with recyclable or eco-sustainable materials. The roof has various options: solar panels or photovoltaic cells, roof-based wind power, sloping green roof and roof garden. Numerous companies were involved in the project, including Mapei, which supplied the colour for the Colorite Performance walls. This high-performance acrylic paint has high UV resistance. Colorite Performance’s emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air is low, helping gain points for LEED certification in both the American and Italian systems. Using Colorite Performance really gave the project a boost because of its specific texture and the wide array of colours and nuances.


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