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Mapei has participated in the project

Seismic reiforcement is an ever more topical issue, with research and experimentation making great strides in protection and prevention techniques for existing buildings. To make historical and monumental buildings more earthquake resistant, it is often essential to use non-invasive techniques that are not only compatible with the mechanical characteristics of the building work, but also reversible. Fiber Reinforced Polymer - often known simply as FRP - is one material that meets these requirements. This natural organic composite material is made of a polymer matrix reinforced with very sturdy fibers. Mapei has recently developed MapeWrap EQ System to protect non-structural elements - e.g. partition walls, false ceilings - in the event of an earthquake by evenly spreading the force of the earthquake to distribute tension more uniformly. The system consists of MapeWrap eQ Net bi-directional, primed glass fabric and MapeWrap eQ one-component adhesive, a polyurethane-based adhesive with incredibly low VOC emissions. Known as earthquake wallpaper, the system can be used to prevent tipping of all secondary partitions, to protect false ceilings in concrete and masonry, and to reinforce structural and non-structural walls. It is thin and light, and can be applied to walls that have already been coated. MapeWrap EQ System has already been used in various projects, including the Dante Alighieri high school in Gorizia, which has a section of buildings dating from 1629. The system was used in this old section to connect various masonry panels to the reinforced concrete frame, thus reducing the risk of tipping. A double layer of MapeWrap EQ Adhesive was applied, with the MapeWrap EQ Net in between, followed by a coating with Planitop 210 and Malech primer. The final layer was a coating of Dursilite, a vinyl resin-based washable paint.


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