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Segment by Lucifero’s
By Editorial Staff -
Segment can be supplied in vertical, horizontal and corner compositions, creating a lighting system that enhances and enriches the overall décor of the environment it occupies.
In addition to using all of the latest generation light sources, from LED to fluorescent, from metal halide to incandescent halogen Energy Saving bulbs, it can be completed upon request with LCD control panels for light and sound management. Due to its distinguishing adaptability to the environment Segment is ideal for many applications: from the office to exhibition spaces, from entertainment to living areas.

Technical Specifications
Segment is composed of an extruded aluminium faceplate available in various finishes (painted and oxidised), as well as in various combinations.
Width 18 cm, depth 4.5 cm, various lengths and configurations available.
Available sources: linear fluorescent sources up to 80W with dark+light screens or satin-finish polycarbonate diffusers, LED strips for indirect monochrome light, adjustable spotlights applied to the profile, or fixed and recessed in the profile with 12V halogen or metal halide, fixed 12V max 100W halogen spotlights, or 35/70W metal halide.
Degree of protection: IP20.
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