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By Redazione The Plan -

Open plan offices and flexible workplace concepts determine today's and tomorrow´s office workspace. With often changing users, conventional office swivel chairs reach their limits. As many employees do not adjust the chair correctly, consequently they do not benefit from the ergonomic advantages, moreover this could cause health problems. For a long time, Sedus engineers were convinced that automatic seat mechanics could not substitute a manually fine-adjustable mechanism. With the name se:flex, Sedus launches its first swivel chair to the market with automatic weight adjustment. It makes ergonomically perfect sitting surprisingly easy. se:flex recognizes the weight of its users, regulates the pressure of the backrest and offers freedom of movement. The excellent seating comfort is revealed as soon as the user takes place and is surprisingly superior to most swivel chairs in the same price segment. The automatic mechanism makes se:flex swivel chair the perfect solution for agile working environments. No additional adjustment is required. An innovative flexible connection between the seat and backrest provide natural freedom of movement and perfectly supports rotational and sideways movements. The different components work perfectly together to make this ergonomic design so unique and consistent: the powerful seat mechanism, the innovative spring element that connects seat and backrest and the integrative connection of the armrests.It is the first fully automatic mechanism chair from Sedus. The standard seat inclination and depth regulation, 3D adjustable armrests, a comfort lumbar support and a headrest complete the range of adjustment options. As a true investment in a full optional ergonomic chair of class A (EN 1335), se:flex delivers users between 50 and 130 kg top-class ergonomic seating comfort - at an astonishingly attractive price/performance ratio.

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