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Seda Club Hotel: an exclusive private club atmosphere

The interiors of the hotel celebrate the cultural and architectural heritage of Granada

Rockwell Group

Seda Club Hotel Granada Rockwell Group
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In the heart of the city of Granada, in Andalusia, the New York based studio Rockwell Group has designed the interiors of the Seda Club Hotel, referencing the different architectural styles that characterize the region. The destination is part of the Hidden Away Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels, characterized by an authentic link with local history. Rich woods, bronze metal, velvet and marble: the materials chosen for the interiors give the hotel the exclusive atmosphere of a private club.

Historically, Granada has always been a place of exchange and hospitality, where different cultures have followed one another influencing each other. The Seda Club Hotel draws inspiration from the long period of Moorish domination of the city, in particular the era of development of the silk trade, as the name of the structure suggests.


Seda Club Hotel, an exclusive lobby

Seda Club Hotel - Rockwell Group © Manolo Yilera, courtesy of Rockwell Group

The access to the hotel takes is possible only through a "secret" library, from which one enters to the lobby, characterized by an exclusive and timeless atmosphere. The hotel provides guests with a series of interconnected spaces, which convey a sense of welcome and warmth to guests.

In the lounge rooms, the emerald-coloured walls and velvet drapes alternate with the wooden boiserie, the same material that cover floor and ceiling. The resident-style furnishings acquire value and refinement through the combination with precious woods, bronze, velvet and marble, creating a luxurious environment in which to relax and dine.

In the adjacent lobby bar, a light installation made of glass and bronze in the shape of archery bows decorate the top of the drinks display and curve up onto the ceiling. The marble counter, the leather stools and the shiny bronze background with mirrors on the walls help make the bar a prominent element of the lounge area.


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Personalized rooms for guests...

Seda Club Hotel - Rockwell Group © Manolo Yilera, courtesy of Rockwell Group

This boutique scale hotel has 21 rooms, including six suites, each one design by Rockwell Group with unique combination of colours and materials. Chevron wood floors run through all the rooms, softened with rugs and velvet drapery. The beds, masterpiece of the bedrooms, have a custom leather headboard with a framework composed of brushed brass rods from which lamps, mirrors and other accessories are suspended. The hard structure of the bed is balanced by the softness of the wooden wardrobes which have rounded corners, coverings with fine fabrics and leather details, in combination with the bespoken headboards.

In the bathrooms, the glazed tile mosaics of the flooring recall the typical patterns of the Alhambra, the identity building of the architectural culture of Granada. The rooms of the spa and wellness area also form historical inspiration: the guests can in fact relax in rooms with classic shapes and stone cladding, as in the ancient Roman baths.


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… and a panoramic rooftop

Seda Club Hotel - Rockwell Group © Manolo Yilera, courtesy of Rockwell Group

Located on the top floor of the Seda Club Hotel, overlooking the Plaza de la Trinidad and the Cathedral, the panoramic lounge is named "La Pajara", in homage to the many species of birds that inhabit Andalusia. A colourful and welcoming space, a small oasis in the heart of the city, where the references to the natural world are many: from the dense vegetation arranged in colourful ceramic pots, to the traditional motif of the mosaic floor, up to the pergola with an ornate bird and floral-patterned canopy that recall the elegant water fountain. The rooftop is not only an area for relax, with cocktail bar and kitchen, but also a real tribute to the history and cultural heritage of the city.


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Location: Granada, Spain
Completion: 2023
Client: Hidden Away Hotels
Architect and Interior Design: Rockwell Group

Photography by Manolo Yilera, courtesy of Rockwell Group

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