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Erreci Sicurezza has participated in the project

Erreci Group, founded in 2004 and active across Italy, specializes in making burglar bars, secure and aluminum shutters, and steel doors and windows. Lasting security and reliability are the core principles of Erreci projects, guaranteed by the CE mark and class 2, 3 and 4 break-in certification, as per the standards governing the company’s products. The automated manufacturing process uses laser technology to guarantee every piece is precision cut and crisp as part of ensuring uniform products and optimal quality standards. The material used, rigorously cold galvanized, is subjected to mechanical blasting that removes any impurities and creates a perfect surface for the coating with polyester powder that is dried in an oven at 180° C. The various lines of security grates offer a range of aesthetic choices, including classic decor, retrò, modern and minimalist, and technical options to ensure the most suitable choice for each project. The solutions can be fixed or with swivel joints, and have differing levels of break-in protection certification. The range of aluminum and security blinds has solutions for all clients, able to match the differing architectural needs across Italy. The steel windows we use also have numerous models to meet demanding thermal insulation requirements in public buildings, homes and restoration work. Erreci also has a system - Warning Bell - that combines the passive security of the burglar bars with active security in the form of a flexible, wirelessly managed alarm that is simple to use and can easily be integrated into existing systems. Warning Bell consists of an integrated sensor for each type of grating that picks up any attempts to damage or open a lock, and a bidirectional wireless interface. No building work is required to assemble it and it has numerous accessories, so it can be customized pretty much as needed.


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