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By Editorial Staff -
Pellini has participated in the project

Pellini’s ScreenLine blinds are an integrated system, namely a shading system (Venetian, pleated or roller) that is encapsulated within an insulating double glazing unit. Movement inside the glass is performed via a magnetic field which raises and lowers the shading device quite simply.
ScreenLine is designed to keep the same insulation qualities as a standard double glazing unit without altering the hygrosopic properties of the cavity.
Compared with double-glazing without shading device, it improves transmittance and regulation of sunlight round the year, cutting down unwelcome glare in summer and maximizing sunlight in the winter months - a saving on heating and air-conditioning.
The energy saving obtained by an integrated system is distinctly higher than by shading device inside the room or outside the building and it complies more easily with planning regulations. When it comes to certifying building energy efficiency, some local laws (like Delibera n° VIII/008745, Lombardy Regional Council) refuse to count sunshade systems when applied inside the room. Again, if one compares an external form of sunshield and an integrated system, the transmittance and solar factor values of the two assume that the surface of the sunshades in question keep their basic parameters unchanged in time (emissivity in the long infrared spectrum, reflexion, absorption in the solar spectrum). Clearly that condition can only be met if the sunshades are weatherproof and not affected by dirt, dust or smog. On an external sunshade that is just not so. Exposure to contaminants ends by changing the spectrophotometric values and impairs energy-saving efficiency. But integrated system materials remain constant in time: the sunshade is isolated, hermetically sealed between two panes of glass. Efficiency of energy-saving performance and duration are guaranteed. No wonder the northern Europeans go in for it.


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