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Screed by Artigo

Screed by Artigo
By Editorial Staff -

Screed, the new rubber floorings collection by ARTIGO, a contemporary solution that offers a minimalist and at the same time sophisticated look, a wabi-sabi mood concealing amazing performances and a great versatility. The Screed floorings, available in 6 ‘achromatic’ shades, have a smooth surface with painted concrete look.
Their simplicity conceals an innovative industrial process, especially developed by the ARTIGO tecnical team.
Their look brings together the randomness of a manual touch to the security and uniformity of a production process that is not only innovative but also sustainable and eco-friendly, as in the tradition of this company. In the ARTIGO products high performances – such as resistance, flexibility and easy maintenance – must never limit non-toxic and environmentally friendly content. Screed can claim 60-65% of natural or rapidly renewable content, such as rubber, vegetable fibers, vegetable oils and minerals.
The Screed collection combines strong aesthetic and ecological value with all the qualities that make the ARTIGO products particularly suitable to common areas: the ability to reduce the noise due to treading, the anti-slip resistance, the fast and easy installation.


Smooth surface with grainy concrete look, available in six different colors: S01 Ivory, S02 Antique, S03 Greige, S04 Haze, S05 Cement, S06 Charcoal.

Residual indentation: EN 433    <0,20 mm
Abrasion resistance: ISO 4649 (Met. A – 5N)    <250 mm3
Slip resistance: EN 13893_R9 class >0,30
Reduction of noise due to treading: ISO 10140-3_10 Db
Fire behaviour: EN 13501-I class

Screed comes as a standard in 3mm with PRO coating in rolls of 1.90x10m or tiles of 610x610mm. It is the outcome of a long research and its components are for more than 60% natural content and for 10% rapidly renewable content. A solid and thick coating layer is applied in the end to protect the product and ease the maintenance, in order to reduce the use of water and detergents. As for all ARTIGO products, Screed does not contain PVC, cadmium, formaldehyde, asbestos nor substances that become toxic in case of fire such as chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine. Screed is produced using green Energy from solar source and 3% of production scraps is recycled in house. When dismantled, it is highly recyclable.

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