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Sauna and Hammam

Technological Solutions, Customized Wellness

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Safe, hygienic wellness for complete relaxation. This goal is at the heart of Effe products, which include the Finnish sauna and the hammam - or Turkish Bath - potentially in a dual solution or as part of a customized project. Both treatments have clear health benefits, but quite distinct origins, as the heat bath comes from Nordic lands, while the steam bath boasts a Mediterranean history. The hot, dry air of a sauna, potentially reaching 100° C with low humidity (20-30%), helps muscles relax and facilitates purifying the body, which is important in restoring mental and physical balance. In the Turkish Bath, humidity can be 100%, but the temperatures do not exceed 48° C. This means the body is wrapped in a cloud of vapor that favors the skin hydration process, removing impurities to leave the skin looking and feeling glowing, elastic and soft. On the material front, the wood that is so typical of a Finnish sauna, becomes marble or stone in a hammam. The toning, relaxing properties of a Turkish bath require sophisticated steam generation technology that provides uniform steam generation in a hygienic, safe environment. Effe has developed a series of cutting-edge generators that guarantee excellent performance while taking up minimal space. All of the latest generation products (Easysteam Smart, Aquasteam Smart, Touch&Steam and Nuvola Smart Power) reach temperatures between 42° and 48° C. The Power Steam Function controls the movement of the steam so as to minimize temperature layering in the cubicle, while the Energy Saver function limits consumption without compromising on steam production. An automatic cleaning system reduces limescale build-up, aiding maintenance over time. The Nuvola Smart Power generator line is the latest technology, designed initially for large environments, but also excellent in smaller spaces. There are various new functions, such as the Smart Water Filling option that provides optimized management of boiler filling to boost energy efficiency. The Open Door Sensor means the generator stops producing steam every time the door opens. The steam fills the cubicle through a new diffuser with forced ventilation that helps keep the steam density and temperature uniform. 
In over 30 years of business, Effe has constantly researched new solutions for creating saunas and hammams. This experience is essential not only in providing a range of complete, ready-to-install products, but also solutions to customize public and private spaces using a blend of design and technology to produce a natural and architectural space that matches exactly what the client wants. 

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