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Sauna Air New shapes for tradition

Sauna Air New shapes  for  tradition
By Editorial Staff -
Effegibi has participated in the project

Air by Effegibi, designed by Talocci Design, restructures the traditional sauna by moving away from the classic image of it and adding two innovative solutions. The first is to place the benches and footrests above the ground, making it possible to position the sauna on an existing floor. The second is to centre the stove, making it the practical and symbolic heart of the design. 

The front “wall” is another defining feature as it is made of full-height tempered glass (8 mm). The effect is enhanced by an external towel rack and shelf that seem to be virtual extensions of the benches inside. 

Air comes in various sizes to cater for different spaces and numbers of users. The basic versions are Air 80 and Air 120, which are 217x162 cm and 283x252 cm respectively. 

Air 80 comes in two options. One can be installed in a niche or peninsula area, with only the front in glass; the other is for a corner setting and one of the sidewalls can also be glass. Inside, the sauna has two convenient benches facing each other that double as chairs or beds. They are connected by a raised floor section that is attached to the back wall. The stove sits on this raised floor. 

Air 120 is defined by the central location of the stove, with the three sides developing around it. This layout recalls that of ancient Finnish saunas, which were often located in the centre of a village as a place to meet and chat. The connection between such a sauna and sitting around a hearth is clear. 

The Air saunas are made of Aspen wood from Lithuania, with the option to choose the light hues of the natural surface or the dark ones of the heat-treated version. 

LED lights under the benches help emphasise the light and airy nature of the cabin, which combines wellbeing and design in a setting that is both snug and open. 



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