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A San Francisco home designed from colors

The house, inspired by British interior style, defies conventions and brings wallpaper back into the limelight

Florence Livingston Interiors

San Francisco Home by Florence Livingston
By Editorial Staff -

This project focus on the interior design of an Edwardian house originally built in 1911 and located in the Dolores Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Designed by Florence Livingston Interiors, this residence has been transformed in a contemporary style home, yet preserving its beautiful historical details.

The bold statement "Blue is the new black"  - from the designer - describes the whole project epitomizing the spirit of the residence, which exudes a unique and refined atmosphere. Designer Florence Livingston embraces the comeback of wallpaper, showcasing how this design element can be reinterpreted in a modern and eclectic way.


British-style interiors making their way to California

San Francisco Home - Florence Livingston Interiors © David Duncan Livingston, courtesy of Florence Livingston Interiors

The design of this house draws strong inspiration from the style of British interiors - in particular by the work of Beata Heuman - and by the client’s original artworks. These elements, paired with classic furniture pieces, come together into an elegant space where color, patterns, and antique pieces harmoniously mix in a vibrant yet relaxing ambiance.

Working with a historical building like this served as both inspiration and challenge for the designers. The irregularities of the walls and the need for minor electrical interventions added complexity to the furniture assembly, requiring a custom approach, such as the installation of built-in furniture and open shelves in the office. Nevertheless, it is precisely this complexity that inspired the designer to develop a "layered" design, playing with colors and patterns through wallpapers and fabrics. This residence stands as an example of how a historical structure can be transformed into a contemporary space without losing its original charm.


A design focus on the use of color

San Francisco Home - Florence Livingston Interiors © David Duncan Livingston, courtesy of Florence Livingston Interiors

The wallpaper was the starting point where the color palette and the whole project took shape organically. Across the entire house, vibrant tones of blue, green, and ocher, complemented by small touches of magenta and pink, are strategically employed in different proportions in each room, giving each space a distinctive personality.

In the office, the marble mini penny round tiles were selected to refresh the fireplace look, in addition to grasscloth wallpaper on the walls and crafted furniture made in brass and bleached walnut. The primary bedroom showcases a built-in wardrobe adorned in a delicate antique pink hue, accented with antique mirror inserts and nature-themed wallpaper. Meanwhile, the guest room boasts an eclectic wallpaper that forms a captivating background for an Alpaca velvet sleeper sofa and ottoman, fashioning a warm and inviting atmosphere.


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Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Completion: 2023
Client: Private
Architect: Florence Livingston Interiors

Photography by David Duncan Livingston, courtesy of Florence Livingston Interiors

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