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Climate, performance and comfort

samsung WindFree
By Editorial Staff -

At home or work, getting the right temperature is central to making rooms comfortable and healthy. Samsung’s WindFree Cooling technology is a giant stride forward for the industry, changing airflow such that the gentle, uniform diffusion of air keeps the room at the ideal temperature for lengthy periods without the irritation of cold, direct airflow. The two-step WindFree cooling system initially involves lowering the temperature in “Fast Cooling Mode” using Samsung’s new Digital Inverter 8-Pole. Once the desired temperature is reached, it automatically switches to WindFree mode to keep the temperature constant. This creates what is known as “still air”, where the air is spread silently and uniformly through the room (a noise level of only 16 db(A)) using the 21,000 micro-holes on the front unit. This cuts the uncomfortable, harmful direct cold airflow and replaces it with softer, widespread cooling that is ideal for offices, areas in which babies play and sleep, places where elderly people spend time and, of course, bedrooms. The system can be controlled remotely through the Samsung Smart Home app, which can be used to set the timer, regulate temperature, receive real-time updates on performance and energy use, and troubleshoot solutions when a repair is needed. The unique triangular architecture of the WindFree unit has a wider air inlet than traditional units and the outlet is also bigger. The fan is larger than on previous models, ensuring the air is cooled and expelled faster, cooling even large rooms quickly. The merging of cutting-edge technology and elegant design was the key to Samsung WindFree taking the Home Appliances award at the CES Innovation Awards 2017.


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