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By Editorial Staff -
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For many years Vitra has been working with Konstantin Grcic on the development of concepts and products for agile and flexible working environments of the future. It is in this context that Rookie was developed, a small and- by office standards- unconventionally simple chair. It provides a high level of immediate comfort with a minimal number of adjustments. Rookie will be introduced for the first time at this year's Orgatec fair in Cologne. Rookie has a spring-mounted swivel seat that is height-adjustable. An invisible joint at the front edge of the seat ensures that the lower thighs slope down comfortably while working in a forward-leaning position. The backrest is also height-adjustable and flexes slightly in response to the user's movements. A few aesthetic details reveal affinities with Allstar, the first office chair developed by Grcic for Vitra. Just like AIIstar, Rookie is suited for use in modern offices, universities and other environments where users are not inclined to make a lot of adjustments, because they move around a lot and can spontaneously choose their work setting. Modern injection molding technology is used to manufacture Rookie's plastic sea t shell, which extends upward to join the height-adjustable, upholstered backrest element and provide vertical support for the spinal column. A selection of various fabrics and one type of leather are offered for the seat and backrest covers of Rookie. This presents a wide range of possible colors that can be combined with all types of furnishings, whether subtle or striking. And as every single one of these materials and colors belongs to the Vitra Colour & Material Library curated by Hella Jongerius, the products can be grouped together to designate special areas or team zones within an office or interpreted in the context of a corporate color scheme.

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