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Roofingreen Nature by Roofingreen

Roofingreen Nature by Roofingreen
By Editorial Staff -
The Roofingreen modular structure creates a surface which can comprise an unlimited number of modules connected to each other. The upper part of each module has a covering layer of synthetic grass bound to an insulating layer of XPE.
The lower part can be completed with supporting bases with heights ranging between 80 and 180 mm, and numbered according to the load it is intended to bear. Roofingreen can be applied to energy-saving interventions, to renovations, to sustainable requalification and to new buildings. It is also perfect for urban furniture and for temporary set-ups.

Why choose Roofingreen Nature
- Environmental sustainability (controlling water resources)
- 90% recyclable
- Easy installation and low maintenance (no mowing or special care are required)
- Perfect thermal and acoustic insulation
- Modular and adjustable to various heights
- Light-weight and possibility of part replacement
- Excellent mechanical resilience and size stability
- Surface protection against UV rays
- Resistance to atmospheric agents
- High walking comfort



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