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The link between nature and art is characterized by the irresistible values of natural authenticity and creativity. This collision of design fields is home to the ROCKYART concept series from Villeroy & Boch Tiles, which combine a natural stone look with abstract floral décor in a premium wall and floor concept. The basis of the design concept is a porcelain stoneware tile in five formats and four harmoniously coordinated shades of beige and grey, with a design evoking the symbiosis between rustic natural stone and concrete. The result is a unique stone look, which, although not to be found in nature, has a very authentic appearance. These simple nonvitreous wall tiles also have a very natural look and pleasant feel with their light matt PowderTouch finish. The ROCKYART décor concept implements the theme of “Nature and art” in various different artistic abstract floral motifs. Choose from glazed porcelain stoneware tiles with highly magnified hydrangea blossoms detailing in abstract patterns and surrealist colours designed to go with all the basic tiles – lively and vitalizing with fine yellow and green nuances. The décor tiles can be used over large areas for walls and floors; alternatively as individual feature tiles or in rows. The hydrangea motif has also been used for a wall décor motif. The colorful décor tile, which is available in the format 33 x 99 cm, has a special glass overlay to give the pattern a sculptured, three-dimensional look, and a tactile quality that makes touching irresistible. Nonvitreous tiles are also available in the format 20 x 60 cm for walls: in the two paler basic tile colors as well as a color to contrast with the floor, and a reduced tone-intone décor featuring the flower motif in all four colors. There is also a cut décor in porcelain stoneware. It demonstrates a brickwork-like look typical of natural stone that’s ideal for understated and harmonious design projects. ROCKYART is a premium quality design concept that combines the themes of nature and art in a very understated manner. The authentic stone design and expressive décor offers potential to create a look that’s both individual and timeless for walls and floors throughout the house – from living areas to bathrooms. Furthermore ROCKYART is an impressive choice for public buildings such as hotels or shops, because the range meets exacting standards in terms of both aesthetics and function.

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