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Robust Beauty for Kitchens

Robust Beauty for Kitchens
By Editorial Staff -
Fundermax has participated in the project

The look and practicality of a kitchen are heavily influenced by the choice of the counter-top. Fundermax has a range of options - the Max Compact boards - that provide an appealing balance of aesthetics and durability built on a series of decorative options and coordinated surfaces.

These boards are easy to clean and long lasting, which is especially impressive at only 12 mm thick; they can be cut to millimetric precision to fit perfectly into any design, regardless of the desired shape or size.

Not only are these boards scratch and abrasion resistant, but they can also withstand high temperatures - characteristics that make them an ideal choice for kitchen counter-tops or as part of a sink or stove unit.

The watertight, non-porous surfaces use melamine resin to produce a product that is exceptionally easy to clean and particularly resistant to chemical agents.

The six finishes have powerful material effects that are pleasing to touch, but thanks to the anti-fingerprint treatment, the enjoyment of touching them is not tinged by the irritation of leaving unsightly finger marks on an impeccable top. Aptico is a matt surface with a warm feel and fine structure. Saxum and Enduro both recall the texture and material sensation of natural stone.

Rigo has a fine structure that creates a sandy, roughened look.

The calm structure of the FH surface creates a harmonious overall impression that perfectly accentuates the respective decor.

Finally, NT gets its character from an impression of a fine hammer blow, which creates an elegant overall impression through its delicate structure.


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