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Robinson Club Ierapetra

A Resort That Feels Like a Seaside Village

Alpha Architecture Alexandrakis & Partners

Robinson Club Ierapetra
By Editorial Staff -
Mapei has participated in the project

Designed by Alpha Architecture Alexandrakis & Partners, Robinson Club Ierapetra is a hotel complex on the southern shores of the Greek island of Crete, near the town of Ierapetra.

Rising on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Mediterranean, the resort has a central building, with numerous services, and three surrounding structures that house the rooms, creating a sort of village effect. The natural slope of the land is skillfully used to distribute the units on terraces that ensure many of them have enviable sea views.

Robinson Club Ierapetra © Christos Drazos Photography, courtesy Mapei

The main central complex has two restaurants, a number of bars, a spa, a 500-seater open air theater and various other recreational and sporting facilities for all ages.

Mapei was involved in the construction of the resort, providing systems and materials for waterproofing, concrete casting, insulation and the laying of stone wall cladding and flooring. For casting the concrete, the super-plasticizer Dynamon Easy 11 was added.

Robinson Club Ierapetra © Christos Drazos Photography, courtesy Mapei

Once the formwork had been removed, the exposed steel reinforcement rods were protected with Mapefer 1K cementitious mortar, while any defects in the surface were repaired using Mapegrout Thixotropic mortar. Waterproofing the external concrete surfaces saw the use of Planiseal 88 Grey waterproofing mortar, which was then covered in topsoil, while Planiseal 88 White was used to waterproof the external walls before they were clad with local stone. Mapetherm was also used to provide insulation for many of the exposed vertical surfaces.

Mapei’s solutions and materials were essential in ensuring the desired esthetic quality, energy efficiency and sustainability of this project.


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