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16 January 2020

Rio, the extendable table for outdoor use, with its distinctive and attractive sequence of DurelTop resin slats and aluminum legs, is introduced in a version with a painted aluminum top, which embellishes it and makes it non-scratch. From the aesthetic aspect, the outcome is a table with more clear-cut and rigorous architectural appeal, whose special and slightly ribbed design of the aluminum top gives it an attractive textured look.

Rio Alu (design: Raffaello Galiotto) can comfortably accommodate from 8 to 10 people. The table extension, available in two sizes to meet various requirements of space, can be used with a simple, intuitive and concealed movement. It can be easily dismantled for winter storage but can also remain outdoors exposed to weather conditions with no problem and no need for any special maintenance. Moreover, it is made of non-toxic, anti-static 100% recyclable material.

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