Resins -?Decorative resins for walls and floors
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Resins -?Decorative resins for walls and floors

Resins -?Decorative resins for walls and floors
By Editorial Staff -
Ivas’ decorative division - Metropolis, paints for lifestyle by Ivas - designs and manufactures paints, decorations and resins using colours and effects inspired by metropolitan settings.
Metropolis paints and resins would best be classified as design objects and furnishings, as they bring vitality, dynamism and character to rooms through their material nature, colour and reflections.
Metropolis includes Resins, a range of decorative resins that opens up a world of coordinated floor and wall solutions, ensuring a space filled with character and in tune with the hottest trends in interior design.
Metroresin polyurethane resins are solely water-based, environmental-friendly and solvent-free, available in four basic colours that come in eight different variations. In short, they provide total freedom to create countless colour combinations and decorative effects.
The Helsinki blue variations recall the icy, light-filled landscapes of northern Europe; the Manchester grey hues pay tribute to the world, the strength of manufacturing and the atmosphere of many urban UK landscapes; Marrackech exudes warmth and liveliness with red shades; while Miami is about white light, luxury and elegance.
Resins not only includes the polyurethane resins, but also the Metropox range of self-levelling, epoxy, water-based, solvent-free resins for floors. This is a top-quality line, consisting mainly of transparent, coloured, polished, matt and iridescent resins that bring shine and light to any floor.
Like all Metropolis products, the best results are obtained with the Resins when one knows how to use them. The MasterG Metropolis Training and Resins and Flooring courses are designed for professionals and provide detailed knowledge of Metropolis products to ensure their decorative potential is fully exploited.
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