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Radio Jung
By Editorial Staff -
Jung has participated in the project

The new recessed radio produced by Jung is available in many versions and colours to match light-switches and adapt to any décor. This latest addition to the German firm’s catalogue brings the pleasure of listening to music in any room of the house.
Simple and quick to install, its pre-assembled pre-wired components tucked away in two flush-type boxes, the Jung radio has a built-in aerial and can be tuned to the 87.5 - 108 MHz (USW) frequency band. All standard radio functions are possible, such as station scanning and automatic storing of the four stations with the strongest signal. A “sleep mode” can also be set, if required.
Two different satellite inputs give ON-OFF remote control. The radio can be coupled to the electrical wiring circuit through a 230V input in the power unit. By connecting a timer-switch to the floating contact of the radio compartment, the device can be turned on and off automatically and the radio used as an alarm.
Controls are very simple: four large push-buttons on the radio itself. These are for ON-OFF, “sleep mode” and station scanning, “Memory 1 & 2” and “Memory 3 & 4”. Blue LEDs for the display and sleep mode function, and red LEDs marking one’s favourite radio station, add a final cool touch.

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