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Quintessence by Erco

Quintessence by Erco
By Editorial Staff -
Yet, at the same time, it also looks forward, formulating a future-proof system framework for the further development of recessed luminaires. Quintessence is the first range of recessed luminaires to be uncompromisingly designed with an eye to Efficient visual comfort One emphasis of this universal product range is on wallwashers for energy-efficient Vertical illuminance while another is on efficient, future-proof light sources - as can be seen by the large proportion of over 350 articles with LEDs.

Consistent system design is a characteristic feature of Quintessence. The modular structure allows many different variations to be made with identical mounting details. Similarly, accessories such as lenses and filters are common and digitally controllable Light Clients can be connected to Light System Dali. All Quintessence recessed luminaires use the same design principle for mounting rings, meaning that the different lamp types and characteristics are not only easy to combine but also to interchange.

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