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Queen, C.A. - Furniture in cement

Paolo Castelli Spa

Edited By Redazione The Plan - 2 April 2012

Queen and C.A. are the two latest seats via which Domodinamica (the top brand of Paolo Castelli) demonstrate a new use of cement as a furniture material. Queen is a limited-edition bench in feather glass cement, a material that has the strength and look of cement, but is lighter and hence more manageable. Queen is a work of sculpture, based on juxtaposing cubes of various sizes. The structure of the backrest offsets the otherwise static or rigid effect of the composition, recalling the soft shapes of a divan. The queen bench is 140 cm long and 70 cm deep. Built of feather glass cement, C.A. is a minimal bench, a simple rectangular seat (140x70 cm) on an undulating base. Both these seats can be used indoors or outside thanks to their coating of protective paint: they are designed to dress public and private areas.


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