Quarziti 2.0 by Mirage
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Quarziti 2.0 by Mirage

Quarziti 2.0 by Mirage
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: inclusions of materials create changeable light effects, structures that evoke the raw phase of materials, selected colours and shades, to recreate the authentic diverseness of natural stone with a refined aesthetic appeal.

A coordinated project.
Quarziti 2.0 is available with R10 natural finish and R12 textured finish for outdoor application, therefore bestowing the highest safety and resistance standards as well as the perfect co-ordination between indoor and outdoor venues.

Application freedom.
The 5 colours in the range (Glacier, Mountains, Waterfall, River and Mantle) are characterised by neutral, elegant tints and a colour-shading that perfectly reproduces the veining of natural stones. Quarziti 2.0 is available in seven sizes, from 20x30 cm to 60x120 cm: all modular and single work-size to allow for the utmost creative freedom.

Moreover, the Mountains, Waterfall and Mantle colours are also available in the 60x60 cm size with 20 mm thickness, for outdoor applications ranging from gardening to urban design and special applications for swimming-pools and spa.

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