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Quaranta5 by Fantoni

Quaranta5 by Fantoni
By Editorial Staff -
Fantoni is 45°: the prominent feature of many of the Fantoni collections since the 60’s – operative and executive – has been the 45° edge that makes the tops appear slimmer and makes individual pieces of perfect size. The dematerialisation of the panel, the simplicity and the minimalism of Fantoni furniture express a unique vision of the office as an environment in which the absence of external appearance as an end in itself leaves space for action.
A philosophy that sees the office not as a place “furnished for working” but as a micro-universe seeking to achieve the well-being of the user. The development of the Fantoni 45° range started in 1968 with Gino Valle who designed Multipli, a range that sought to go beyond the concept of the office as a “hierarchical structure” in order to arrive at an open and free system that is constantly changing. The principle is in fact based on modularity that is not restricted to dimensions alone, but also relates to the form of the various components, free of any decorative detail or superfluous function. Every function of the work station is also broken down into individual elements that can be freely used on their own or in groups.
The fundamental concepts of the Multipli range are to be found in the majority of later Fantoni collections, becoming part of the company philosophy: in the “45” collection of the late 70’s, the 1996 “Mèta 45” collection, the 2006 Multipli oak collection and the 2008 MultipliCeo collection.
Quaranta5 is therefore the synthesis of a design path that has been consistent over time yet innovative in terms of solutions and design approach. Refined technology used for the 28 mm tops and sides made from post-formed bars, covered with Microslim on the top and on the edges of the ‘long sides’; while the edges and short sides are finished with a continuous film (Kurz edge) in the same shade as the surface of the panel.

Change your Standard
Quaranta5 was created to interpret the European standard that modifies the dimensional standards of office desks.
The 75 cm height of the tops in fact anticipates the review of the European standard UNI EN – 527/1 that requires a work top height of 74 cm ± 20. In addition a desk depth of less than 80 cm is permitted provided that a flat screen smaller than 17” is used.
Contrary to what might be expected, these restrictions do not reduce personal space but favour communal work spaces that encourage socializing, especially in the light of the ever-increasing “nomad work” approach. The interpretation of work space design is therefore aimed at encouraging relationships and socialization.

The geometry of the Quaranta5 collection is complemented by the multiple work stations in depths of 75, 120 and 150 cm and lengths of 150, 180, 200, 240 and 300 cm. Work islands become more complete and more comfortable, for two or four people, extend the possibilities of office space and reduce the overall size and cost of operator stations. The dividing screen in 10 mm plexiglas or 18 mm wood ensures privacy. The individual work stations take on an executive, fresh and unconventional look due to new accessories that are suitable for any environment, but above all due to the new finishes that give emphasis to a contemporary space, veering from the light shades of Tibet white, stone grey and oak Galles to black and Biblos teak.

Fine details enrich the work stations, from the Plexiglas undertop drawer to the double top-access system accessory for cable management, from the integrated lighting system to the easily accessible cable ducting system under the worktop, even on double desks.

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