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Quantum Glass™ by Saint-Gobain

Quantum Glass™ by Saint-Gobain
By Editorial Staff -
Resolutely at the service of designers and architects, the aim of Quantum Glass ™ is to offer the best technical and technological solutions, assisting them in the realisation of creative projects in terms of ecology, comfort and functionality.
The Quantum Glass ™ active glass products are unique glass materials that could be described as “chameleon” – they can be alternately invisible, act as screens and backgrounds for images, be sources of light and heat and / or transmit sounds.

The first six technologies to have received the Quantum GlassTm label
Planilum is a light-emitting glass panel. Thanks to Planilum, light assumes a unique place inside living spaces offering the user a renewed sense of intimacy and comfort
Electrochrome is a transparent glazing in which the colour, from clear tinted to dark, is electronically-controlled. Electrochrome allows adjustment at will of the light and heat directed towards the interior of the space which it covers, according to the amount of sunshine, the season or simply at the user’s request.
Thermovit Elegance is a thermo-regulated heated panel made of transparent, mirrored or customized glass. Thermovit Elegance is an unparalleled aesthetic solution which diffuses an enveloping heat similar to that emitted by the thermal rays of the sun.
E-Glas is a double or triple glazing which emits electronically-controlled radiant heat. E-Glas is an integrated and invisible heating solution which allows for increased visual and thermal indoor comfort. At the same time, it resolves structural problems of maintenance and visibility linked to condensation or snow.
LEDinGlass is a glass that comes alive with an interplay of light and colour. LEDinGlass is a system offering infinite possibilities for indoor and outdoor use, creating dynamic and interactive architectures and ambiances, and highlighting design and the creation of communication structures (walls, media facades).
Priva-Lite is a laminated glass with a liquid crystal film allowing immediate switching from transparent to translucent. Priva-Lite is a unique solution in space management by way of instantaneous control of opalescence (transparency and translucence) and dynamic retro projection of videos and images.

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