Quality flooring for the discerning customer
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Quality flooring for the discerning customer

Quality flooring for the discerning customer
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In March 2009 Eurolegno Group launched a network of My Floor shops. The flooring concept they propose is a new one, highlighting materials and the cultural background they are from, as well as cultivating customer interaction. By visual and musical references to the materials’ countries of origin My Floor puts the emphasis on the cultural, not just economic, value of its wares. The samples on display mid shop, complete with illustratory material, are free to take home: the approach to the product is tactile, visual, olfactory. Shop windows are fitted with an invisible HoloTouch screen from which one learns about materials, laying processes and layout ideas. Touching the glass takes one into the software: the full message is put across, down to the estimated cost of a floor and its accessories. Other touch monitors inside the sales outlet go deeper into product information, which can be downloaded onto one’s own e-mail.
A My Floor floor is furnishing in the round, something one can rotate and personalize like any piece of furniture. The 600 original and exclusive products are quick and easy to click into place, a clean process with no messy glue. One mixes these laminates and quality woods to taste and to suit one’s need. The layout can be varied from time to time. The colours range from white to black, via all the shades of wood: pale, pink, red, brown.


My Floor
Via degli Orefici, 44
I - 16123 Genova
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