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By Editorial Staff -

The Qi collection combines the prestigious Italian craftsmanship of Scavolini and the distinctive approach of Nendo, the Japanese studio headed by Oki Sato, which interprets design as surprise, experimentation and refined details. Designed for kitchen and bathroom environments, the proposal aptly reflects Scavolini's current international strategy, already apparent in other recent proposals of the brand designed by prestigious designers, such as Ora-ïto, Diesel Creative Team, Michael Young, Karim Rashid, King&Miranda Design and Giugiaro Design.
The Qi concept is trying to make the kitchen “hidden” in two objects to create space and offer complete design freedom: a container, a unique object with a strong connotation, synthesis of an expressive code that can be repeated ad infinitum and a wooden shelf of pure essentiality (Qi in Japanese, meaning at the same time container and wood). The collection reveals a rigorous interpretation of minimalistic and extremely contemporary taste, and embodies exclusive values, creative thinking, innovative challenges, on-going research, genuine Italian quality and finely-worked details.
With this project, Scavolini envisions new ways of inhabiting space, with the pivotal element - the container - resting on linear-shaped shelves. What emerges is an actual storage system that dominates compositions designed for both kitchens and bathrooms, with Scavolini Bathrooms. Qi comes with an exclusive range of decorative melamine finishes specifically created for Scavolini, including two wood-effect nuances that blend artisan know-how and advanced technologies to perfection.
In the Qi kitchen, which includes linear, island and peninsula compositions, the containers rest on shelves and function as wall units, or re-appear in the sink and hob units — novel, important elements that add a personal touch. An absolute total look: the doors, recessed grip profiles, upstands, wall claddings, plinths and worktops come with a single finish. The base units and baskets can be opened using a door with shaped handle side and a top with 45° slanted profile, developed especially for the model. The specially designed hood completes the situation envisaged by Nendo.
In the photo, the composition is characterised by a double island with Pearl Onyx stoneware top, 4 cm thick, which extends to become a convenient table-height bench. The spacious base units feature Matt Iron Grey Lacquered doors, with 10 cm plinth. The base units and baskets can be opened using a door with shaped handle side and a top with 45° slanted profile, developed especially for the model. The main features of the first island are the satin-finish taps and resting sink in Cristalplant, a brand-new, important customisation element that distinguishes the concept of this kitchen. Behind the island is a large, spacious Switch cupboard, with Hono Elm Decorative Melamine doors and satin-finish handles, lending the area a minimalist, highly contemporary atmosphere. The second island houses the hob instead. Behind is Scavolini’s “Fluida” Wall System, in Pure White Decorative Melamine with Hono Elm Laminate back panel, which provides a practical, stylish storage bookcase. The resting containers, unique items with a strong connotation, act as wall units and take on the lines of the sink. The suspended white painted metal elements and Mya chairs from the Scavolini collection complete the kitchen.


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