Q Bathroom Series by Studio Adolini
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Q Bathroom Series by Studio Adolini

Timeless Design Meets Steel Quality

Q Bathroom Series by Studio Adolini
By Editorial Staff -
Quadrodesign has participated in the project

Designed in 2020 by Studio Adolini, the Q series by Quadrodesign - as the name suggests - is a homage to the company and how it has developed through many years of always seeking innovative, timeless design solutions that are sustainable, reliable and on the cutting-edge of technological developments.

In such a project, stainless steel is inevitably the dominant material as it has been used by Quadrodesign in all its collections because of its expressive potential. In this series, it comes in both natural and customized versions in light gold, rose gold and black gold using the “physical vapor deposition” finishing, which is a special, very low environmental impact process that has no effect on steel’s inherent durability, inalterability, hypoallergenic nature and resistance to acids and salt corrosion.    

The basis of the Q concept is the overlapping and alignment of two pure geometric shapes - a rectangle and a circle - to create the faucets. All the options have the same, inbuilt mixer control system that can be combined with different spout types, opening up a world of formal solutions that is declined into numerous different types, such that there is invariably a solution for any context or customer requirement.

An exemplary representation of the company spirit, with its inherent, ceaseless quest for research and innovation in design, Q creates a forceful new outlet for formal essence, attention to detail and advanced technological solutions.

Q series products are on display, in partnership with Mo.1950, in Quadrodesign’s Milanese flagship store.

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