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Metal textures turned into concrete

By Editorial Staff -
Ideal Work has participated in the project

The Purometallo line from Ideal Work was specifically researched and designed to produce realistic metal textures for concrete and metal powder coatings for wall claddings and furnishing accessories. The coatings are only a few millimeters thick, with no grouting lines, but plenty of color and finishing options. They are also simple to use, making it easy to create a perfect coating on most surfaces that then fits seamlessly into almost any architectural setting.

The metal powders in the concrete mix are essential to accurately produce a realistic metallic shine, but these coatings can also be given specific material textures by using specially-designed tools.

After the initial layers of primer and Purometallo Mix, the surface can
be worked, while still wet, with rollers to get the chosen feel. One can even further personalize the look through changing the pattern used when rolling, thus achieving highly realistic, variegated, shiny metal effects. Purometallo comes in six colors: gold, iron, bronze, Corten, copper and pewter.

Each color also has a specific texture, although nothing prevents one from using variations on the theme. Once the desired material look has been achieved, the next stage is to get the ideal finish, which can be shiny, matt, granular or scratched. At the end, Purometallo Polish is applied to protect the surface and ensure the coating remains in perfect condition.

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