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Puro Antibacterial

Antibacterial Technology for Ceramic Surfaces

Puro Antibacterial
By Editorial Staff -
Marazzi has participated in the project

More than ever before, the last year has foregrounded the need for optimal hygiene, cleanliness and safety, but many companies have been working hard on this front for far longer than the current pandemic. Marazzi is one such firm and it has recently finalized and unveiled a new silver-ion based technology that has been rigorously tested under the most demanding international standards. Called Puro Antibacterial, it eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from ceramic surfaces, helping to prevent marks forming, unpleasant smells and a general deterioration in the product.

Additives that combat germ proliferation are added to the upper layer of the ceramic glazing prior to firing at 1,200° C. The result is constant and irreversible antibacterial and antimicrobial action that is not affected by external conditions, such as the amount of light.

Puro Antibacterial tiles can be used on floors or walls, significantly boosting the hygiene and cleanliness of any environment as the action is effective 24/7. This makes them an intriguing solution for homes, offices, shops and public spaces, particularly in those areas where the demand for optimal hygiene is paramount.

The first Marazzi tile collection that uses Puro is called Carácter, which was previewed at Milano Design City 2020 as part of installations in the Marazzi Showroom. The Carácter collection was designed for indoor and outdoor floors and cladding. It combines cutting-edge technology - Puro Antibacterial is matched with the StepwiseTM anti-slip solution to produce a soft surface that is easy to clean and sanitize because it is smooth - with an eco-friendly approach epitomized by the closed manufacturing cycle in which over 40% of the product is made using recycled materials.

Carácter is available in four sizes (from 30x60 to 60x120 cm) in soft, lightly nuanced colors - Blanco, Arena, Greige - and more gritty options with fragments of pebbles of differing shapes and sizes - Mix Beige, Mix Gris, Mix Multicolor.

In short, this is a highly versatile collection that merges excellence in hygiene, durability and resistance with wonderful creative and compositional potential.

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