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PuraVida Lightness and Colour

PuraVida Lightness and Colour
By Editorial Staff -
Hansgrohe has participated in the project

PuraVida is the new Duravit bathroom collection devised by Phoenix Design and in collaboration with Hansgrohe. This range plays on white, colour and softly sinuous lines throughout the tap fittings, ceramics, tubs, shower trays and furniture units. The result is a clear language inspiring emotion but free from all sense of fashion, a pleasure that will last.
The basic tone is set by the smooth white of the ceramics and consoles, whether wall-mounted or on pedestals. Surfaces are also available in ebony, aluminium, vivid red or black. Drawing on the natural image of a tree that grows out of the earth, the ceramic and tap fittings merge in a symbiosis of colour: thus, where it meets the plane of a washbasin, the tap will be white like the ceramic itself. On the outside the basin is softly rounded, on the inside it flattens and then bevels towards the centre.
Being wall-mounted, the furniture seems to float. Instead of handles moulded incisions serve to open the two drawers. Through the grooves peeks the colour of the chosen surface finish. PuraVida has no sharp edges or aggressive corners. The mixer tap itself is rounded and sculptural, the nozzle disappearing into the underside of the spout which slants down like a clean thin blade.
In the built-in bathtub light becomes a feature, a principle of furnishing. A groove along the rim is lit by LED lighting, white or coloured to match the furniture surface chosen.

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